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MKF launches Ithra for Canadian School Bahrain

May 23, 2022

AlMabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation (MKF) announced the launch of a special edition of its Youth Enrichment Program, Ithra, for students of the Canadian School Bahrain.

The program’s values are based on the students needs and presented by specialized trainers and will be held at the school for six weeks starting from the 15th of May 2022.

The program will be held twice a week, featuring interactive workshops and physical activities based on the following values: self-confidence, responsibility, managing stress, teamwork, effective communication, treasure-hunting, planning, taking initiative, creativity, goal setting and Ithra talk.

The leading program was designed with the participants’ study requirements in mind enabling them to discover themselves and hone their skills by directing their potential at a young age.

Ithra strives to refine talent with a focus on developing a number of important skills, such as: recruitment, technical, social and life skills in addition to project management, knowledge of university life, career paths and more.

The Ithra program aims to develop the personal and life skills of young people, cultivate a culture of giving in society and the country, and contribute to the development of their goals through mental and physical activities that instill the program’s educational values in collaboration with trainers with extensive experience in the field.

The MKF’s programs seek to create a generation of entrepreneurial youth, capable of making positive change in the community and add value to society. Ithra, a three-year training program, targets mentors and Bahraini youth/participants aged 13 – 17, creating exciting learning opportunities through mental and physical activities. The program also provides mentors with the necessary training to be able to coach and engage with the participants.