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Bahrain's iGA conducts meeting to evaluate government schemes

June 6, 2022

Bahrain's Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) has affirmed the government’s commitment to enhancing the performance of public service centres and also improving the quality of services offered to the kingdom's citizens and residents at its evaluation ‘Taqyeem’ committee meeting.

The fourth Government Evaluation ‘Taqyeem’ Committee meeting held virtually was chaired by CEO Mohammed Ali Al Qaed where he discussed the final Taqyeem reports, highlighting that 48 government service centres attained scores over 90% out of the 96 evaluated.

The CEO congratulated the high-scoring service centres, which secured the ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ classifications, as part of the third round of evaluations.

The committee discussed ways of improving the performance of government service centers whose scores did not exceed 75%, stressing the committee’s commitment to aid these entities in raising their scores, particularly in areas related to customer service and sustainability.

The Taqyeem Committee explored the most suitable methods for evaluating best practices at the individual and organisational level at government service centres and reviewed international experiences and success stories, said Al Qaed.

The meeting was attended by Taqyeem’s Committee members including the Deputy Chairman, Dr. Raed Mohammed bin Shams, Yousif Mohammed Al Binkhalil, Dr. Hamad Ebrahim Abdulla, Osama Saleh Al Alawi, Shaikh Muath bin Duaij Al Khalifa, Dr. Mohammed Abdulla Baqer, Nada Al Qassab, Hussein Ali Al Shehab, Fadheela Ebrahim Mohammed Al Akram, and rapporteur Ahmed Abdulhai Al Awadhi.

The members invited government service centres to participate in a soon to be launched survey, which will coincide with the announcement of the Taqyeem 3 results. The survey will allow them to share their experiences in providing remote customer service to help improve government performance.

The committee also studied the current Taqyeem strategy, including proposed plans on how to promote the announcement of the results and raise awareness of the Committee’s duties and evaluation criteria, he added.

The meeting included a presentation by Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA), which detailed its plans to improve the performance of government service centres through training based on three pillars: behavioral insight, emotional intelligence and tactics for deal with customers.

BIPA aims to provide government service centres with the best curricula and skills needed to ensure that beneficiaries receive the better services, as well as equipping them with advanced models that help enhance quality and efficiency.