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MEET ICT conference tackles topics of digital transformation

June 16, 2022

The 10th edition of the Information and Communication Technology Conference (MEET ICT) continued its work on Wednesday with several sessions on technical topics related to the digital transformation such as cybersecurity, financial technology, and blockchain technology among other topics.

The conference held at the Gulf Hotel Convention Center also included an accompanying workshop on physical and digital asset management. The sessions were attended by representatives of prominent Bahraini technology and other institutions such as electronic payment services, energy, and education, as well as those interested in current issues in the technical field, entrepreneurs, managers, and others in charge of Information Technology departments in companies and organizations.

In conjunction with the MEET ICT Conference, the Bahrain International Technology Exhibition (BITEX) continues its activities with the participation of ICT companies and others, highlighting innovative trends, services and products, and their potential to grow their productivity and competitiveness. The pioneering technical event continues its activities on Thursday with a series of events including two workshops, the first focusing on “Jobs of the Future” and the second on “Data in the Business Sector”.

MEET ICT conference is held this year under the slogan “Leading the way towards the digital economy through artificial intelligence” while celebrating its 10th edition following the economic recovery plan’s ICT sector strategy 2022-2026, and it focuses on the critical role played by the ICT sector in Bahrain’s economic recovery.

Both the MEET ICT conference and the Bahrain International Technology Exhibition (BITEX) are considered the largest ICT event of their kind in Bahrain and provide a unique platform for public and private decision-makers, key players, technology experts and enthusiasts, which enables reopening and expansion business opportunities.