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Muhi: COVID-19 prioritized cybersecurity and Zero Trust Concept

June 23, 2022

Mr. Hasan Muhi, Operational Risk and Information Security Management / CISO & BCP Officer at Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain, affirmed that the pandemic and the challenging circumstances that led to digital transformation in diverse fields demonstrated the significance of maintaining the highest level of cybersecurity so that companies and organizations can continue to supply their products and services without interruption while also maintaining their customer base.
This was stated during the “Zero Trust Security – Always Verify” Forum, moderated by Mr. Muhi, and held by NGN International, a full-fledged systems integrator and Managed Security Service Provider based in Bahrain. The forum was a part of the “NGN Majlis”‘ efforts to enhance awareness of cyber security amongst Bahraini’s institutions and individuals.
Mr. Muhi affirmed that in the current context of digital transformation taking place in almost all sectors, the process of cybersecurity has become more complex, requiring the concept of a Zero Trust Security to be implemented to get full protection against cyberattacks.
“The development of the banking industry, including the provision of more mobile banking services, requires the use of cybersecurity standards and guidelines to secure customers’ money and banking operations against cyberattacks, which will contribute to an increase in the customers’ confidence and motivates them to undergo digital transformation. Using cybersecurity is not just a luxury in this sector, but rather a necessity for the current systems of financial work, and if employees are untrained in this field, then third parties and consulting firms with a trusted track record are required.” According to Mr. Muhi.
In this context, Mr. Muhi highlighted the role of “NGN” as an internationally recognized leader in providing managed security services primarily to public and private institutions in Bahrain, with a proven track record in this crucial field.
Mr. Muhi explained the concept of “Zero Trust” is a security framework requiring all users, whether in or outside the organization’s network, to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated for security configuration and posture before being granted or keeping access to applications and data. Adding that Zero Trust is a framework for securing infrastructure and data for today’s modern digital transformation, and it uniquely addresses the modern challenges of today’s business, including securing remote workers, hybrid cloud environments, and ransomware threats.
“Currently, the biggest challenge for the Zero Trust concept is the lack of sufficient knowledge and awareness of it. The concept is mainly known within technical circles and among specialists, but for users, this is a topic in need of more awareness. Here lies the role of NGN Majlis, which is to increase awareness in all sectors of the significance of cybersecurity and the various methods necessary to reinforce it.” Mr. Muhi concluded.