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CIBAFI Organized a 2-Day Online Technical Workshop on “Liquidity Management Tools for Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs)

July 5, 2022
islamic finance

The General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions, the global umbrella of Islamic financial institutions, launched its Online Technical Workshop on: “Liquidity Management Tools for Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs)”. The workshop will run for two days from today.

Liquidity management is a critical issue which concerns all financial institutions. The failure to address this issue will lead to several negative consequences including bank failure and, worse, the collapse of the entire financial system. As a result, regulators and central banks have been emphasizing the improvement of the banking industry’s liquidity frameworks.

For this reason, CIBAFI organized an Online Technical Workshop aiming to provide staff of Islamic financial institutions (IFIs) with a hands-on technical knowledge and skills on managing liquidity. The Shariah considerations related to the liquidity management tools will also be thoroughly explained to the participants throughout the programme.

The workshop witnessed an opening remark from Mrs. Zainab Al Owainaty, Director of Administration and Finance of CIBAFI. In her speech, Mrs. Al Owainaty stressed on CIBAFI’s role in raising awareness on the importance of liquidity management which aims to support the continuous growth of Islamic banks and financial institutions. The workshop was attended by over 80 representatives from Islamic banks and financial institutions as well as Regulatory and Supervisory Authorities (RSA). It was facilitated by Mr. Majed GHARSALLI, Head of Shariah Compliance and Audit, Zitouna Bank, Tunisia and CIBAFI Accredited Trainer. In order to provide distinctive learning approaches, the programme was presented using real-world industrial case studies, Q&A, and group problem-solving exercises.

The guest speakers who supplemented the workshop included Mr. Abdulkareem Ersan Sukkari, Chief Risk Officer, Islamic International Arab Bank, Jordan; and Mr. Hussain Abdulhaq, Head of Treasury & Capital Markets, Al Salam Bank, Bahrain.

The Technical Workshop is aligned with the objective of Professional Development, which endeavors to enhance capacity building within the Islamic financial services industry (IFSI). These programmes are practical and targeted to the staff of Islamic banks and financial institutions, regulators, and practitioners. In addition, they aim to engage participants in the discussion on the current environment of the Islamic banking industry.