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Ready to go, a new high-end brand EXEED will be deployed in the Middle East and Bahrain markets

July 29, 2022

This is the admiration for the EXEED brand after many days of in-depth test drive by many well-known Medias and professional car reviewers in the world.

EXEED is a new entrant in the global high-end automobile market, inheriting the century-old accumulation of the European automobile industry, and integrating the latest Chinese intelligent technology, giving it the strength to challenge traditional high-end automobile brands.

In April 2022, EXEED held a media conference at the Leylaty Function Hall Hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, announcing that EXEED plans to officially launch in Saudi market in May, which also marks that EXEED will work with its partner MYNM Group for a comprehensive layout. More than 200 people from more than 60 local major Medias, including Mouhamed Alkeinani, Hani Amro, Mohammed Orfli, Hatan Arab, etc., attended the conference and witnessed the historical moment for EXEED entered Saudi market.

It is reported that EXEED's debut location in Qatar was chosen at the World Cup venue. Dozens of Medias were invited to experience EXEED vehicles. After the end, the media reporters commented: 'There will be two surprises in Qatar in 2022. One is the World Cup, and the other is EXEED.”

Local consumers of Kuwait have chance to visit the EXEED exclusive showroom, which operate by Alghanim group, to have test drive on EXEED vehicles. Many of them have ordered their EXEED vehicle after their enjoyable test drive experience.

The launch of the global high-end auto brand EXEED in the Middle East has been highly praised by local Medias and potential customers, giving EXEED the confidence to deepen the Middle East market. Next, EXEED will continue deep into Bahrain market. It is reported that EXEED is negotiating cooperation with famous Bahrain distributors, and it is believed that it will enter the Bahrain market soon and bring a new driving experience.