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BTECH calls on local innovators to participate in its pre-selections

August 2, 2022

Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) calls on all innovative Bahrainis in the ICT industry to participate in the local pre-selection, to nominate them for Bahraini best eContent to the World Summit Awards (WSA).

The society has mentioned that the deadline of registration will be on August 15, noting that the WSA contest is ending by August 31.

BTECH is keen to play an active role in the development of the information technology sector in the Kingdom and aims to support the different sizes of local IT companies.

WSA selects and promotes local digital innovators improving society, and it had opened the door for the innovative people from 180 countries to participate in the award, making WSA a global hub for comprehensive information society.

WSA is a nomination-based award system, each country has a national WSA representation – the “WSA National Expert”, as for Bahrain, the representatives are: Mr. Ubaydli Ubaydli, Dr. Nawaf Abdulrahman, Mr. Ahmed Al-Hajiri and Mr. Rashid Al Senan.

The WSA national experts will carry the local pre-selection, through national contests, to participate in WSA, you need to be nominated by the experts.

BTECH affirms commitment to find the best businesses in the field and select the best ones to nominate them to international levels.

This comes within the society’s primary steps toward preparing Bahrain to become a prominent center for the manufacture of Arabic electronic content in accordance with international standards.

BTECH Chairman Mr. Tariq Fakhroo, said: “BTECH’s participation in WSA confirms the confidence of this global organization in the Bahraini information and communications technology sector, and confirms the competitiveness of Bahraini products and innovations in the field of technology in global markets.”

The award showcases a prime selection of 40 Winners per year through a democratic, inclusive, and highly competitive selection system and only 5 WSA young innovators will win.

WSA includes eight categories: government and citizen engagement, health and well-being, learning and education, environment and green energy, Culture and tourism, smart settlements and urbanization, business and commerce, inclusion and empowerment.