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Renault Koleos: Tech-smart, extra-safe, and comfortable

August 26, 2022

A class apart from the average mid-size SUVs you find on the market, the Renault Koleo shas consistently surpassed expectations with every new edition, thereby emerging as a trendsetter. It’s not just the improved engineering and design touch-ups that have helped Koleos carve a market niche for itself. This particular model of Renault has kept alive the brand heritage while embracing evolution with customers in mind.

From technological features that make every day driving an experience to be excited about to its ergonomic layout that promises exceptional comfort while on the road, the all-new SUV is all you need to fulfil your search for a complete car.

The element of comfort:

Keeping comfort paramount is a roomy cabin with easily accessible, wide-door opening, ventilated seats and a space you’ll miss when not driving. A sliding armrest and multiple storage areas allow everyone to store their belongings, the elevated seating position, the architecture of the central console and driving positions reinforce the feeling of safety. Did we mention the seats massage passengers for those long journeys? The Koleos truly emphasises comfort.

Technology at its best:

The automotive features range from a hands-free boot opening to assist you when you are laden with shopping bags to a plethora of driver assistance tools to make driving seamless. Long drives are made even more immersive with the Bose sound system. If parking has been your weaker spot, do it like a boss with additional front and rear parking sensors that keep you alert. The rear-view camera acts like an active navigator assisting the driver with information about surrounding areas when you park. The all-mode 4×4 technology does the behind-the-wheels work and adapts driving to the needs of the roads automatically.