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BTEA Board discusses upcoming tourism projects and partnerships

August 30, 2022

Tourism Minister Fatima bint Jaffer Al Sairafi chaired the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) Board of Directors’ first periodic meeting of Q2.

In her remarks, Al Sairafi emphasized the authority’s commitment to intensify efforts in order to meet the challenging objectives of Bahrain’s tourism strategy 2022–2026, boost the sector’s GDP contribution, diversify the Kingdom’s economic foundations, and generate employment opportunities for citizens.

The minister emphasized the need to work as efficiently as possible in order to maximize the benefits from the gradual recovery of tourism in Bahrain and the surrounding area, to provide better creative tourism and recreational activities that attract Gulf tourists, as well as, advertise the Kingdom of Bahrain as a prime tourist destination in the region.

BTEA CEO Dr. Nasser Ali Qaedi pointed out to that the 82% recovery rate of the tourism sector from the pre-pandemic period portends a more prosperous present and future for the industry and increases the responsibility of the ministry and the BTEA to develop the tourism sector in Bahrain in collaboration with the establishments of the private tourism sector.

Dr. Qaedi highlighted the overall performance indicators of the tourism sector over the past year, the sector’s marketing and promotion plans, the services offered to the authority’s various clients, as well as the status of the organization’s infrastructure projects for the sector such as the Bahrain Exhibition World.

He also spoke about the most effective ways to utilize the authority’s vast network of connections, including more than 75 tourism agreements throughout the world, in order to promote various events held by private tourism sector facilities in Bahrain.