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NHRA launches new electronic classification system

September 6, 2022

Manama, Sept. 5 (BNA): The National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) has launched a new electronic system for submitting requests and dates for registration and classification of medicines, pharmaceuticals and alternative medicine products.

“This step allows agents to book an appointment via the electronic system, choose the appropriate time and submit applications, to register and classify pharmaceutical products”, said NHRA Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mariam Adhbi Al Jalahma.

She noted that the new electronic system will contribute to facilitating the application process instead of sending via e-mail or personal attendance.

“The agent can choose the appropriate day and time to submit all registration requests and classify pharmaceutical products, including medicines, health products, nutritional supplements and alternative medicine items”, she said.

The regulatory authority has developed a system to facilitate the process of completing the registration procedures, classifying the drug, and registering some requirements for generic drugs, and urgent cases.