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TWB strikes the world of timekeeping with its debut collection

October 24, 2022

TWB makes its way into the watchmaking market introducing The Westalia collection, a range of exceptionally crafted unisex luxury watches designed with peak quality and unmatched elegance in mind. The brand is set to introduce their own selection of timepieces during a 5-day launch event starting October 19 at City Center.

The company strives to deliver timepieces that aesthetically appeal to the local audience with technical mastery that matches world-leading luxury watchmakers. The watches are meticulously assembled with exquisite attention to detail and made with the finest materials to withstand the test of time. Every timepiece is equipped with a stainless-steel casing, treated non-scratch sapphire crystal, and made all the more secure with up to 48 hours of power reserve and 50 meters of capable water resistance. The timeless look of this collection resides in its sleek modern design and elegantly-ageing durable Italian leather straps, which are interchangeable allowing for color customizability options.

ABOUT US: Fueled by a combination of enthusiasm for their father’s vintage watch collection and intrigue towards the artistry of the craft, Mohamed and Mahmood Algharbi, the minds behind The Western Brothers, embarked on their journey of collecting luxury timepieces and expanding their knowledge of the field back in 2012. Presently, the pair introduce their own unique collection of watches crafted with technical and aesthetic excellence that reflects their decade long experience in the regional market.