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Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain announces first winner of the year for the Monthly Grand Prize of $100,000

February 28, 2023

Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain (KFH) announced Mahra Ebrahim Alatawi as the $100,000 Monthly Grand Prize Winner of the Libshara investment savings account draw for the month of January 2023. The Libshara prize draw was held in the presence of the Bank’s internal and external auditors, in addition to a representative from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC). In addition to the Monthly Grand Prize, the monthly prize winners were also announced, including 20 prizes worth a total of $20,000 and 40 prizes for Libshara’s special segments worth $500 for each winner.

Mr. Hamed Mashal, Head of Retail Banking at KFH – Bahrain, congratulated the winner, “I want to sincerely congratulate Ms. Mahra Alatawi, our Grand Prize winner for the month of January alongside all the other winners of this month’s Special Segments draw which include – Our Ladies, Our Children, Our Savers and Our Newborns.”

He added, “As one of the leading Islamic Banks in the region, these opportunities further reflect our vision to enhance our clients’ lives by enabling people the means to kickstart their savings journey, through minimal investment and a seamless onboarding experience. We welcome new customers to open an account and start enjoying the benefits we have to offer.”

On her end, Ms. Mahra Alatawi, expressed, “This is truly a memorable experience for my family and I. This felt like a blessing in 2023 and will definitely make a difference in several areas. I value the relationship that I have with KFH-Bahrain, and I am happy to have received this opportunity while also benefiting from their Investment Savings Account and other offers. I urge everyone to start their saving journey and get the chance to win from the many cash prizes offered.”

The Libshara Savings Investment Account is available for all clients inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain, as well as GCC citizens at 18 years or older. Minors can also open their own Libshara savings account through a parent or legal guardian.

All Libshara account holders can enjoy rewarding opportunities to win, including grand, monthly and special category prizes, where customers can get the opportunity to enter the draw with every BD50 or its equivalent in US Dollar, saved in their Libshara accounts for a period of no less than 30 days. In addition to the above, customers who are included in the exclusive Libshara loyalty program will have the opportunity to increase their chances of entering the mega prize draws up to three times, when the amount and period of investment in the account are increased.